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Dave Price Tests His Luck, Your Kindness

"The Early Show"'s fearless weather anchor, Dave Price, is always ready to hit the road for a good story … and he loves getting to every nook and cranny of America.

So, we put a challenge to him: Would he agree to go on the road with no way home? Dave didn't miss a beat before saying, "Yes." He's agreed to take nothing but a one way ticket, $50, and a camera/laptop to record his travels.

He doesn't know where he's starting, and he has no idea where he's going, either.

It all begins Thursday, Oct. 1. Dave gets his one-way ticket and starting location. He will take some clothes, his ID, $50, and technology -- nothing else. No credit cards. No checks. No mode of transportation. His challenge: Get home within seven days.

Friday morning, Oct. 2, Dave will appear live via satellite from his starting point, and he'll demonstrate the technology he has with him to make us all feel like we're along for the ride as he tries to get home!

Dave could end up anywhere.

Failure or success will depend on the kindness of people all across America and of course -- lots of luck. Dave may have to work for his meals, rides, and places to sleep. Once he's out there, it's up to Dave to figure out how to get home.

If you want to keep an eye on him, follow his Twitter feed here or at

Of course. if you see Dave in your town, please tell him we said, "Hi!' And if you don't mind, give the guy a lift. After all, we would like to get him back … eventually!