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Dave Price Starts Journey Home

Dave Price is on his way home.

But will he make it in time?

The clock started ticking after the broadcast Friday. He has seven days to return to New York.

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"Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez revealed the "Dave Price No Way Home" countdown clock, which will show how far Dave's come on his journey across the country and how far he has to go in the time he has left.

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"The Early Show" weather anchor and features reporter is trying to find his way back to New York City this week in our "Dave Price No Way Home" series.

He has just $50, a Blackberry device, his personal essentials and a laptop computer to complete the journey across the country.

Dave began his journey Friday at the Santa Monica pier in California. He has until Friday of next week to make it back.

Rodriguez reminded viewers they can help Dave as he travels across the country, but he should work for their generosity.

"Early Show" substitute co-anchor Chris Wragge also relayed a request from "The Early Show" staff for him not to come back early.

"Take your time, Dave," Wragge said. "This should be fun."

But Dave said his goal is to be back in New York as soon as possible.

The "Early Show" co-anchors arranged the delivery to Dave in Santa Monica of a breakfast of his favorite foods before he kicked off his trip.
Dave said, with his small $50 budget, he planned to take some of the food with him in his backpack.

Star Drew Barrymore also stopped by "The Early Show" to promote her new film, which opens Friday, called "Whip It," featuring roller derby action. She had a pair of skates put under the breakfast for Dave -- just in case his feet start to hurt from walking!. She also said she'd give him a free pass to see her film over the weekend.

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Barrymore said, "Happy trails. ... Have a great journey."

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