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Dave: Our Man At Camp

As part of the special weeklong series, The Early Show Goes To Camp, Dave Price chose an adventure. The following is his report:
If your summer camp experience was anything like mine, chances are that your choices ranged from canoe rides to beans and franks, and maybe even bug juice thrown in for good measure.

As we've seen in this week's summer camp series, kids have a lot more options. These days, it's all about the sense of adventure. I recently took my own camping adventure in Lake Arrowhead, about two hours outside of Los Angeles, at Pali Overnight Adventures Camp.

Now take everything you know about summer camp and throw it out the window. You have never seen a place quite like this.

On the surface, Pali Overnight Adventures Camp looks like any traditional summer camp. There's basketball, swimming, horseback riding and archery.

But take a closer look over its nearly 74 acres and you'll find that it's anything but traditional. Kids there can choose from 18 fantasy programs, such as rock star camp, water sports extravaganza, and extreme action camp.

And since I'm often mistaken for a movie star, I thought I'd start out with Hollywood Stunt Camp. But first, I had to learn a few basics.

Instructor: "So, Dave, what kind of moves can you do?"

Dave: "(Weatherman) moves like this: point to the West Coast, point to a cold front moving through. So, I'm pretty flexible. I don't want to intimidate anybody."

Instructor: "Can you do a fall for us?"

Obviously, my roll needed a little work. Britney, my camper friend, had a little advice: "You kinda want to put your leg under your hand and then you have to roll on your shoulder, not your back.

Dave: "WHAT?"

Britney: You roll on your shoulder.

Dave: "But what do you do with your leg?"

Britney: "You roll on your shoulder."

Dave: "Yeah, but what do you do with your leg?"

(Britney demonstrates.)

Dave: "Thank you, I have no idea what I'm doing."

After things calmed down a little, a little interview:

Dave: "What's the thing that you like to do most at this camp and why?"

Britney: "I like to do stunts, because when I was little, I was about 5 years old, we had counters this high and I wouldn't stop jumping off them. My mom called me a cat because I chased birds and always landed on my feet when jumped off counters.

Dave: "Did you go to the bathroom in a litter?"

Britney: "No."

Dave: "Just checking."

Forward roll, high jump, they all seemed a little easy. I was gunning for something a little more dramatic. So it was on to fencing and even some disco dancing.

Now that the afternoon session was well under way, I thought I'd discover my inner James Bond and take a crack at Secret Agent Camp. First stop: ATV training. You gotta learn how to drive the car, or the ATV, or whatever… and be able to get away if you're being pursued.

Another essential skill needed to be a successful secret agent was found in my final lesson at Pali: a 60-foot-tall rope climb.

Very tough being the jock at camp. A lot of pressure. I told my mother to watch somebody else today (on TV). I didn't want her to be scared.