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A man robbed a bank on his first date with a woman he met on a dating app – and he made her drive the getaway car

If you're looking for Valentine's Day date ideas, maybe don't take advice from this man. On December 5, 2016, Christopher Castillo took a woman he met on a dating app on their first date. Then he robbed a bank and made her drive the getaway car.

First, the woman picked up Castillo at his parents' house in Rhode Island, CBS affiliate WPRI reports. Castillo kicked off the date by sipping wine in the passenger seat of the woman's car, according to the office of Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn, WPRI reports.

Then, Castillo walked into Bristol County Savings Bank and showed the teller a gun in his jacket. The 33-year-old demanded $1,000 because he was "really hurting" and needed money, according to prosecutors. The teller gave him the cash – and Castillo made his getaway.  

Bristol Savings Bank in North Attleboro, MA, was robbed by a man who was on a first date. He met his date drive his getaway car. Bristol Savings Bank

His date later told police Castillo ordered her drive off and she obeyed, according to WPRI. Then she saw police lights behind her. The woman pulled into a parking lot, but police did not charge her with any crime. 

Castillo was later charged with armed robbery and assault and battery on a police officer because he allegedly spat on the officers, WPRI said, telling them "the gun isn't even loaded."

He pleaded guilty to both charges, and last week was sentenced to a total of 5 years, according to WPRI. He had also been charged with carrying an illegal firearm, but the charges were dropped when the police found out the gun was an antique owned by a family member.

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