Dating Advice For Dave

cbs weatherman dave price early show
Ladies, you only have until next week to log on to for a chance to date The Early Show's Dave Price.

Meanwhile, Lisa Shannon, the woman seeking a husband on the show "Cupid," had some advice for Price:

"Dave, your mind set should be open. You never know who's going to be out. I've been surprised by the ones I picked. I think if you keep an open mind, it will work out for you. If you go into this expecting too much or too little, you could get disappointed. Go into it. You never know where cupid's arrow will strike.

"Other people will give you a lot of advice. Follow your own heart and the right one will come through for you.

"Dave, I think you're adorable. If one of my suitors does not work out for me, maybe we can meet later."

And she concluded her advice with some affirmation: "Dave, you're a hottie. Dave, you're a hottie."

Dave's response to her comments?

"She is an attractive human being. First of all, she's stunning."

And he was quick to note that the part when she said he is a hottie was "totally unscripted."

The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith asked: "The big cards down below?"

Price said, "She wasn't looking at them.

"I would love to go out with Lisa Shannon," he added.

Price also thanked The Early Show viewers for the support he has received throughout this matchmaking process.

"I'd like to thank all the moms out there writing me personally to tell me that they told their daughters to log on to It's helping me out."

For those who filed their profiles on, stay tuned. You may end up getting a date with Dave and tickets to the "Cupid" finale in Los Angeles.