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DASH diet named best, but which diet is easiest? U.S. News weighs in


(CBS) Is dieting one of your New Years' resolutions for 2012? If so, you may want to take note of U.S. News & World Report's 2012 Best Diets rankings.

PICTURES - Easiest diets to follow? U.S. News reveals 2012 rankings

Each year, U.S. News pores through scientific journals, government reports, and solicits input from 22 experts in food science and nutrition, to come up for its rankings.

What are the best diets that are out there today? U.S. News ranked the DASH diet as the No. 1 overall best diet. Weight Watchers ranked No. 1 for weight loss.

But for the first time ever, U.S. News ranked which diets are easiest to follow. After all, sometimes the best diet is one a person will actually stick with. For the list of easiest diets to follow, panelists assessed taste appeal, ease of initial adjustment, ability to keep dieters from feeling hungry, and special eating restrictions.

Which diet is easiest to follow? Click here to find out.

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