Dash cam of man on moving car smashing the windshield

(CBS News)  While this dash cam clip of a man driving around may start off normal, I promise things will take a drastic turn (oddly enough, shortly after the driver takes a turn himself). Take the exit from "normal highway" into the realm of the bizarre at around the 36 second mark.

The insane, caught-on-tape moment occurred in 2012, but was only recently posted on YouTube with a description in Russian that loosely translates as follows:

Jealous husband beats his wife's windshield while driving on Griboyedov street.
Without knowing the context, I still feel I can pretty confidently say that this man may want to consider a different way of demonstrating his jealousy. Just saying. What did you all think about this strange moment? As always, feel free to leave me some comment love below with your thoughts and any personal experiences (just hopefully not being the person on the car smashing in the windshield).