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Darth Vader surprises young boy, reveals he is his father (home from military leave)

(CBS News) When Darth Vader reveals to Luke Skywalker that he is actually his father, most people gasp with shock and surprise. But in the above video, the reveal is actually one of the best possible things that could ever happen in the form of a beautiful military reunion.

Is there a little something in your eye right now, too? It's okay, go ahead and take a minute.  The video comes courtesy of the Welcome Home Blog, which has been featured many times here on The Feed for their uplifting and inspiring military reunion moments.  They write about this latest:

"At the time of the video (May), our kids had been separated from their dad for almost 3 months. They thought they wouldn't be seeing him until December. My son had stated that he wanted a Star Wars party so he could be Luke and fight Darth Vader (whom he thought was going to be his older cousin). My husband came home for 96 hours to surprise our son at his birthday party... dressed as Darth Vader. The little Princess Leia in the video is our daughter, too! My husband is currently deployed (his first deployment) and we are counting down the days til he's home!"  -Susie W.

A big triple-rainbow salute of excellence goes out to Susie W. and the Welcome Home Blog from us here at The Feed for providing this uplifting, caught-on-tape moment. And to check out more military reunions like this, be sure to go to the Welcome Home Blog website by clicking here.
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