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Chicago cop who fatally shot unarmed woman resigns

CHICAGO -- A Chicago police officer whom the department was trying to fire after he fatally shot an unarmed 22-year-old woman in 2012 has decided to resign from the force rather than fight to retain his job.

Rekia Boyd CBS Chicago

The city's police board said Tuesday that Dante Servin, who was off duty when he killed Rekia Boyd, had quit. It came two days before Servin was to appear for a hearing at which the board was to decide if he should be fired, as former Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy recommended last year.

Boyd and a group of people were hanging out in Douglas Park in March 2012 when Servin, angry about noise they were making, got into a shouting match with a man in the group. Prosecutors say Servin fired five shots over his shoulder, hitting Boyd in the head and grazing another person, according to CBS Chicago.

Servin said he saw a person in the group moving toward him with a gun. Police found only a cellphone.

Servin was charged with involuntary manslaughter, though a judge later dismissed the charges.

The Independent Police Review Authority recommended Servin be fired in September -- five months after the charges were dismissed, according to the station. But following the resignation of Servin, officials plan to withdraw all charges against him.

"The Board will then take that motion under advisement and take action at its regular monthly public meeting on Thursday, May 19th," Police Board Executive Director Max Carponi said in a written statement to CBS Chicago.

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