Daniel Stern revives Cubs “Rookie of the Year” character

Daniel Stern recreates his “Rookie of the Year” character, Phil Brickma, during an online video he posted.


CHICAGO -- Actor Daniel Stern has brought back his character from his 1993 Chicago Cubs-themed film “Rookie of the Year” in honor of the team’s run through the baseball playoffs.

Stern played pitching coach Phil Brickma in the movie, which Stern also directed. The plot centers on a 12-year-old boy who makes the team and leads the Cubs to a division title.

Stern has posted a series of videos on YouTube and on his Facebook page, in which he appears as Brickma dressed in a Cubs uniform. He raves about the Cubs’ pitching staff in the first clip and cheers on the team.

The Cubs eliminated the San Francisco Giants with a 6-5 win Tuesday to reach the National League Championship Series. The team is looking for its first World Series win since 1908.

Breaking News: "Chicago Cubs bring back pitching coach Phil Brickma" #BringBackBrickma by Daniel Stern on YouTube