Daniel Gets Dumped

On the latest edition of Survivor: The Amazon, Daniel Lue proved to be quite the charmer to the women of the Jabaru tribe. But back at his own camp, Daniel found there wasn't much love for him, as he was the second member of the Tambaqui tribe to get the boot. He spoke with Harry Smith on The Early Show about his adventure in the Amazon.

Smith wanted to know what was up with Lue's relationship with Roger Sexton. It didn't appear to be any love lost between the two.

"Well, you know what? Me and Roger, we don't look eye to eye," Lue said. "Can't you know -- he's twice my age. And this year, I don't think I'll be sending him a Christmas card."

"Well, you know, he's very bossy. I mean, he just knows exactly what he wants to say and he just says it without even thinking. So, Roger, that's Roger for you. He's very strong and opinionated. So he just tells me exactly how he feels."

Smith then played a clip from the show where it looked like Roger wanted to dust it up with Lue. Sexton said he was "almost to the point that I was ready to give him a kung-fu chop."

Smith noted that in the tribal council Lue had expressed feeling prejudice from the men in his tribe. Did Sexton's kung-fu remark play a part in that feeling?

"Actually, in episode two, you saw Rob call Roger a bigot. And I think this is probably just further evidence of that. And last night in tribal council was, that when you're in a group with eight men, it's really all about who you relate with. And relationships form within the first five minutes. And I got along with Matthew because he was born in Hong Kong."

And Smith noted, he could speak Chinese.

"Exactly," Lue agreed. "And he's more Chinese than I am. That's how it is. I really wasn't saying that the other guys were prejudiced against me on purpose or anything. But it's all about who you relate with. And I couldn't relate with everybody."

Smith wanted to know why Lue thought he got voted off and not Roger.

"Well, see, this game is very unpredictable, you know, " he said. "I like to think that it's because in the long run, I'll be more of a threat because I'm stronger, I'm more athletic than Roger. And you know, just with Roger's abrasive personality, if, in fact, if there is a merge with the girls, the girls won't stand for Roger for one second."

At the reward challenge, it appeared the guys were more into the girls than into the game. What was going on with that?

"Oh, yeah," Lue replied. "I mean, we haven't seen a girl, you know, in I don't know how long. We're sleeping together all in a shelter, seven guys, eight guys sleeping together. Literally, right next to each other. So once we see a girl, I mean, you know, we freaked out. We said 'Hey, I can't believe it. It's actually a girl,' you know?"

Lue then took some viewer calls.

"Laci" want to know if Lue would have done more work if he had been on a tribe with women. There had been some contention that he was lazy and hadn't pulled his weight.

"Oh, definitely," he said. "If I was the only guy on the tribe of women, I'd probably be doing all the work. I guess if Roger says I'm lazy, then I must be lazy, right? But actually I think it was more of a guilt by association. Because Roger and Ryan, they really did not like each other. And because I was friends with Ryan, he just naturally associated me with being lazy."

Another viewer, "Beth," wanted to know how Lue felt when he saw that Matthew had voted against him.

"Actually, what you didn't see was that once I found out that Alex was going to vote for me instead of Roger, I just told Matthew, 'Hey, you know what, go ahead and vote for me, okay. I don't want you to be sticking out like a sore thumb because everybody else will know that you voted for Roger, and you know, I just want to minimize the fallout.' So I told him just go ahead and vote for me, I'll take the sacrifice and hopefully you'll go further."

"What is it like to play the game, to actually be there in the game, versus watching it on television?" asked Smith.

"You know, the funny thing is, it's called a game. But when you're there, it's not really a game. It's real life. It's not like playing a game of Monopoly. You're actually there, you're actually starving, you're actually suffering. So, actually going to tribal council is like going to an execution. When I saw Ryan get his torch extinguished, you know, it was very tough. Just like watching a best friend get killed. You know?"

Smith wanted to know if Lue had it to do all over again, what would he do differently?

"Really, I wouldn't do anything differently," he said. "It was just luck of the draw. Men versus women. And if it was a group of guys and girls together, things would be much, much different."

Lue also revealed he brought back a little something from his time in the Amazon. He contracted malaria while he was there.

"I was diagnosed with probably the most intense strain of malaria. My temperature shot up to 105, he told Smith. "But I'm okay now."