Danieal Kelly, 14, Starved to Death with Maggot-Infested Wounds; Pa. Social Workers on Trial

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) 14-year-old bedridden Danieal Kelly, who was born with cerebral palsy, died of starvation with maggot-infested wounds -- a cruel death that has four Philadelphia social services workers facing trial beginning Wednesday.

Photo: Danieal Kelly, 14, starved to death in August, 2006.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Danieal weighed just 46 pounds when she died in a filthy apartment during a heat wave in August, 2006.

Her mother admitted to third-degree murder.

Those now facing trial include the co-founders of MultiEthnic Behavioral Services, Michal Kamuvaka and Solomon Manamela, and two other agency workers. Five other employees of the private agency have already pleaded guilty.

Prosecutors say the now-defunct MultiEthnic Behavioral Services billed the city for services it never performed, then tried to cover up the fraud by forging documents.

The trial of the four social workers was scheduled to start Tuesday but was delayed one day after two jurors were dismissed.