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Dancing With The Stars

It's time folks, time for "Dancing With The Stars" to finally come to an end and award that priceless mirrorball trophy to Emmitt or Mario. So, I know this show will consist of about 45 minutes of recap, dancing from past contestants, and a lot of sequins.

Bring it on!

Emmitt and Mario dance again along with all the other past contestants who have been booted. I was just waiting to see if Sara Evans came back (she did), if Shanna Moakler would come out swinging (she did not), and if Jerry work the ballroom one more time (he sure did!).

But what's important is who won and after all the fanfare the winner is …

Wait for it …

Emmitt and Cheryl! Twice a champion is Cheryl and congrats to both teams. They made it an entertaining season. Till next time! Keep dancing.

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