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Dancing With The Stars

Elimination night on "Dancing With The Stars."

Willa gets to do the encore. It seems like she is getting a bigger and bigger fan base as we go.

Top two teams tonight are Mario (see, good things happen to those who play by the rules!), and JERRY! Oh my, Springer, how about that stuff!!!

The brother of last season's "Dancing With The Stars" winner, Nick Lachey, performed tonight, his hit song "I Can't Hate You Anymore." Hmm ... wonder who that is about?!

Vivica and Monique are in the bottom two tonight. That is really shocking, because Monique was great last night and Vivica was good also.

Vivica seems floored and not too happy with that decision, once they call her out in the bottom two, Viva Diva is pissed!

But going home tonight is Vivica. This season is a shocker. Love it!

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