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Dancing With The Stars

Eight teams left to duke it out on the dance floor either doing the paso doble or the fox trot. Will Mario continue to break the rules? Will Willa finally get those too scores? Let's find out.

Judge and new fan favorite Monique is up first with the waltz. The waltz is a slow dance which seems to rattle Monique at first during rehearsal, but she seems to shake it off. OK, I don't know how good an actress Monique is, but her tears at the end of the number was genius! I think the waltz is terribly boring, so I won't be crapping my pants over any waltz routines tonight, sorry! It was good though. Scores: Carrie 8; Len 8; Bruno 8.

Emmitt was off last week, according to the judges, so this week he has the paso doble to make it up. Can the football star also act like a bullfighter? The answer for me was not really, sorry. But one thing is for sure: His partner, Cheryl, sure can dance. She's on fire!!!

The judges still seemed to like Emmitt, but I wasn't sure what they were watching; it looked stiff at times and a little scary. Scores: Carrie 8; Len 8; Bruno 8.

Willa is up in hopes of gaining more and more fans. I am one. I enjoy her enthusiasm and energy for the show. She is dancing the very ladylike waltz, which is opposite of her "bad girl" image. I thought she was outstanding; they looked as if they were dancing as one. I'm a Willa fan! Amazing, elegant. Go girl!! Scores: Carrie 9; Len 9; Bruno 10. Oh yeah!

Country diva Sara is doing the paso doble. The music made it like a phantom of the opera paso doble, and it was slightly odd. I wasn't a huge fan; maybe it's because Sara is just too nice for this aggressive dance. The judges seemed to agree with me that this dance was not for her. Scores: Carrie 6; Len 7; Bruno 7.

It's Springer time — time for Jerry to do the dance he's been waiting for: the waltz. He wants to do it at his daughter Katie's wedding, and we get to see an emotional side of him, which was nice. He actually looked like he really enjoyed this dance; he was singing the words and everything. It was nice — not dancing perfection, but nice. The judges all seemed choked up, too. Go Jerry! Scores: Carrie 7; Len 7; Bruno 8.

Vivica is attacking the paso doble. She is a strong woman, so this dance is for her. That's what I thought. It wasn't as strong as I expected, but it was good. Scores: Carrie 8; Len 8; Bruno 8.

Joey is attempting the waltz, which is giving him a run for his money in rehearsal because of its slow pace. He had no need to be worried because he was wonderful. He has great chemistry with his partner, Edyta. Scores: Carrie 9; Len 9; Bruno 9.

Super Mario is last, but not least, with the paso doble. Let's hope he sticks to the rules this time. Also, is it just me or is there some real chemistry here — a possible future couple maybe!? Karina, his partner, is unbelievable — she's so good, and Mario stepped up to the plate. They really looked like a matador and a cape. The judges all loved it without a doubt. Scores: Carrie 10; Len 9; Bruno 10.

Tomorrow night is elimination! Vote for your favorites.

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