Dance moves put on display to ask dates to Prom

(CBS News) With Prom coming up soon for many high schoolers, the videos coming out in relation to it online are in full effect. We've recently seen attempts at celebrity dates. And seen singing used to ask a girl out. But have we seen "twerking" done yet? Well, we have now...

I swear, when the security guard started walking over, I was all like, "Boo! Hiss! Don't spoil the fun for everyone else, Mr. Security Guard!" And then he surprised me and totally made the video even better. (We at The Feed salute your, Mr. Security Guard!) The tongue-in-cheek parody (but real request) was posted by McKane Andrus, who writes that he produced the video, but talent on display is a young man named Senn. Way to "work what your momma gave you" there, Senn! 

And to up the pre-Prom dance ante, we have a bonus video below of student Joseph Vo asking his potential date, Amanda V., to the Prom using a bit less parody in his talented dance moves. Will he succeed in winning her over? Sure, probably... but watch to see just how!