Dan Marino: Andrew Luck a "terrific pick" for Colts

Dan Marino on "CBS This Morning."
Dan Marino on "CBS This Morning."

(CBS News) Dan Marino, hall-of-fame quarterback turned "The NFL Today" analyst, said Andrew Luck will be a "terrific pick" for the Indianapolis Colts.

"It's going to be a challenge at first because they're in a rebuilding state right now, the Colts with Peyton Manning leaving and them having a season like they had last year. It's going to be tough," Marino said Monday on "CBS This Morning." "Plus, he's replacing, you know, a superstar, so there's going to be a lot of pressure on him that way. But he seems very mature. He'll be able to handle it."

As for Peyton Manning's shift to the Denver Broncos, Marino said he's excited for the quarterback and hopes that he's healthy enough to play at the high level that he has in the past. "I know what a competitor he is and how much he loves the game. And just for him to have a chance to be able to come back ... it's exciting for him. I think Denver has a chance, you know, to - they were in the playoffs last year. They have a chance. That's why he wanted to go out there, I think."

Looking forward to the season ahead, Marino said Tim Tebow will need to look to "continuing to grow as a player" with the Jets. "He gets a lot of heat," Marino said. "He's won some games, Tebow, but at the same time there are question marks. Last year in the playoffs, they weren't as successful as they wanted to be. It will be exciting to see."

When asked if it's too late for Tebow to be a great passer, Marino said, "I think you continue to learn on that. I wouldn't say it's too late, but pretty darn close when you're that age. You know, when you learn throwing early and through college, it's hard to change once you get to be a professional, 24, 25 years old."

Marino also discussed the recent New Orleans Saints bounty scandal that rocked the NFL. When asked if he felt he was ever targeted, he said he probably wasn't. "It might have happened, but to my knowledge, no, I never felt like anybody was doing that," he said. "Look, football players respect each other because of, you know, the career, the short careers. It's your livelihood, so you don't want that to intentionally be a part of your game."

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Marino, who turned 50 last year, is also now working with the AARP as its new men's life ambassador. For more on that job, his recent surgery and how he'd teach a young football player looking for success, watch the video in the player above.