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Dam burst inundates villages, leaves at least 10 dead

KABUL, Afghanistan -- Afghan officials say a dilapidated dam in a scenic northern valley has crumbled under the weight of heavy summer rains, killing at least 10 people. Omar Mohammadi, a spokesman for the ministry for humanitarian assistance, said that along with the 10 killed, about 300 houses were completely destroyed in the Panjshir Valley.

The scenic valley, popular with tourists, is located about 95 miles north of Kabul.

After the dam burst, the floodwaters swept into villages downstream, engulfing homes and sending panicked residents fleeing on Wednesday night.

Deputy police chief Najim Khan said on Thursday that 13 people remain missing in the Khinj district and that here are fears they might have been swept away in the disaster, which also damaged 1,000 hectares, or 2,470 acres, of farmland.

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