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Person of interest sought by Dallas PD turns self in, is cleared

Dallas "Suspect" Describes Ordeal
Mistaken Dallas shooting "suspect" describes ordeal 09:45

Dallas police released an image of one of the suspects in the deadly shooting Thursday night. The man, Mark Hughes, later turned himself in to police. After being questioned, he was released.

CBS Dallas Fort Worth affiliate KTVT spoke to Cory Hughes, a protest organizer and brother of Mark Hughes. Cory Hughes insisted he was "100 percent sure" his brother was not the shooter. Mark Hughes brought a weapon to the protest simply to exercise his Second Amendment rights to bear arms, Cory Hughes said.

"My brother was marching with us. Because he's my brother and I understood the severity of the situation, I told my brother, 'Give that gun away,"' Cory Hughes said. He insisted that he witnessed his brother hand his weapon over the police.

"He never thought that by exercising his right, he'd be plastered over the national media as a suspect," Cory Hughes said. He ended his conversation with KTVT to speak directly with law enforcement.

Mark Hughes was seen marching in the protest in this video.

Other videos surfaced on social media showing Mark Hughes marching with fellow demonstrators. One woman interviewed by CBS Dallas said Mark Hughes was with her at the protest.

After Mark Hughes was released, Cory Hughes told CBS Dallas he, Cory Hughes, had been getting death threats on Facebook since bring seen on TV defending his brother.

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