Dallas Mom Inequa Rushing Robbed Bank for Milk Money with Baby in Back Seat, Say Cops

(Dallas Police Department)
DALLAS (CBS/AP) Inequa Rushing robbed a Dallas bank with her 4-month-old in the backseat, apparently because she needed milk money.

Federal officials say that on Jan. 19 Rushing, 23, went into a Comerica bank in Dallas while her boyfriend, Waylon McDonald, 32, acted as lookout. She approached the teller and handed her a note that said she had a gun and wanted money.

The teller handed over the cash – with a dye pack surprise inside. As Rushing and McDonald sped off the dye pack exploded and Rushing threw it and the money out the window.

Problem was that the money was in her purse along with her ID and address. Police eventually found the purse and arrested the couple at their South Dallas home Jan. 20.

The infant, who needs oxygen because of underdeveloped lungs, was taken into protective custody and later turned over to a grandmother. Police say that Rushing told them she robbed the bank because she needed to buy milk for the baby, according to Dallas station KDFW.

Rushing and McDonald were indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury for bank robbery and conspiracy to commit bank robbery. Dallas police Senior Cpl. Janice Crowther said there could be further charges of child endangerment too because the dye pack released "noxious fumes and dye" into the car and they were driving recklessly.