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Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders hula hoop with a GoPro this week on The Feed

This week's most popular viral videos feature a cat, a devil baby, cheerleaders with hula hoops and a pastor from Montana. 

First up, YouTube user dwijnker shares a video of a cat licking a baby's head. Who says cat's only watch out for their own? 



In the next clip, a baby shows her dismay when she meets her dad's identical twin brother for the first time. You can thank Philko Us for sharing this gem with the world. 

 Then, there's Pastor Tim Christensen of Gold Hill Lutheran Church in Butte, Montana. He is well aware that the NFL playoff game between the Panthers and the 49ers is about to begin. So, he decided to fast forward the service. Check out the video to see what happens next. 



Host Nick Dietz doesn't exactly love the Cowboys, but rest assured, he doesn't mind their cheerleaders. The fourth clip features a video they captured during their swimsuit calendar shoot.  


Rounding out the week's viral videos, an animatronic demon baby wreaks havoc on the streets of New York City. It's remote controlled, but somebody forgot to tell the innocent bystanders. Their hilarious reactions were cut together and put in a video to promote the upcoming movie “Devil's Due.” 


Dietz usually closes The Feed with five videos. But this week, there's a bonus: in clip number six, a dog named Blaze just doesn't want to go. Neither does Dietz, but some things just have to end.