Dalia Dippolito, Newlywed Caught on Tape Ordering Hit on Husband Michael Dippolito


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS/WPEC) Police say Boynton Beach newlywed Dalia Dippolito thought she had the perfect plan to off her husband, Michael Dippolito, but the hit man she tried to hire was an undercover officer, and he's got the video to prove it.

Investigators have now released that video and others, including Dalia Dippolito's shocking interrogation by police, along with 400 pages of documents that say she also tried to poison him and set him up to get busted for dealing drugs.

In a recorded conversation between Dalia Dippolito and the undercover officer posing as a hit man, the officer offers her a way out. "If you change your mind," he began. Dalia Dippolito interrupted, "No, there's no changing. I'm positive, like five thousand percent sure."

At one point in the recording, the agent posing as hit man warns Dalia Dippolito of the pressure of police questioning she'll face. "I'm a lot tougher than what I look," responded Dalia Dippolito. "I just need to make sure everything's getting taken care of."

Later the same week, police staged husband Michael Dippolito's death. Dalia Dippolito reacted with hysterics. But when she came in for questioning, police revealed Michael Dippolito was not dead. Then detectives allowed Dalia Dippolito to see him at a distance.

Photo: Dalia Dippolito.

"Oh my God!" shrieked Dalia Dippolito. "Come here, please. Mike, come here."

"I can't," replied Michael Dippolito. "I can't fix this."

"Why not?" asked Dalia Dippolito. "I didn't do anything to you."

Earlier in the interrogation, a Boynton Beach Police detective told Dalia Dippolito, "You are going to jail for solicitation of first degree murder on your husband."

"I didn't do anything," Mrs. Dippolito quickly responded.

"Did you hear what I just said," the detective snapped back. Then he told her, "everything, listen to me everything has been recorded."

That recording is part of the newly released material in which an undercover detective sitting in a car with Dalia Dippolito says, "I just want to make sure that this is what you want. Sure you want to kill this dude?"
"Ha... I would be very happy," she responded.

The newly released information also includes evidence that Dalia tried to poison her husband by putting anti freeze in his iced tea. And that she tried to have him set up for selling drugs.

Investigators also released phone calls Dalia Dippolito made from jail to her mom and her husband, the man police say she tried to have killed. She called her mom first, and even though she already had been charged with trying to have her husband killed, she tried to kick him out of the town house he had just recently sign over to her name.

"I want him out of my house," Mrs. Dippolito told her mother.

"Ok right now we are going to hire a lawyer," her mother told her.

"That's my house, the titles in my name", she quickly answered back.

A short time later she called her husband who had already learned of this murder for hire plot, and even asked for his help.

But he said it was already to late, and there was nothing he could do.
"What the f@#k, you said you had to have me killed I heard that," Michael Dippolito told his wife over the phone while she sat in jail.

"That is not true," Dalia Dippolito replied.

"How is it not true?" Michael asked his wife.

"How can you believe that?" She responded.

"I heard your voice," Michael Dippolito said.

CBS Affiliate WPEC contacted Dalia Dippolito's lawyer, Michael Salnick, but he declined comment.
Dalia Dippolito remains out of jail on bond while she waits for her trial. She is currently living at her mothers house in Boynton Beach.

Story Contributed by CBS Affiliate WPEC News 12

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