Daft Punk dancer has moves that will amaze you


(CBS) - "Celebrate" by Daft Punk has become a classic in dance circles. So when I saw the beginning of this video I was ready to start laughing, thinking it would be yet another dance fail video where I wondered to myself about their thought process to post such a terrible video online.

Boy was I wrong.  It really kicks into gear at about 17 seconds into the clip.

The dancer flies under the radar and had me going for the first 16 seconds, but then BAM! Busting out moves left and right from that point on.

I've got to say, part of the reason he set me up so well was that he looks way too jacked to be able to move the way he does. But with incredible body control, he transforms into something of a contortionist dancer, leaving me speechless, with my foot in my mouth. 

And with that in mind, we here at The Feed would like to take a moment to salute you, Daft Punk dancer!  Your large muscle size truly masks your hidden movement and grace that we have come to love and appreciate.