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Dad of Tucson Victim, 9: Execute Gunman

On Sunday, "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill sat down with Roxanna and John Green, the parents of the Christina Green, the youngest victim of Saturday's massacre in Tucson that claimed the lives of six people.

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The couple spoke of their deep love for their child at a time of unspeakable pain and sorrow.

Hill said when John and Roxanna Green think about their 9-year-old daughter, Christina, they remember everything she loved about life.

John Green said, "She had a lot of interests, ballet, gymnastics, singing, dancing. She just got a guitar for Christmas. She was the only girl baseball player on her Little League team this fall."

Now, less than 48 hours after their daughter's death, they want everyone else to know about their little girl.

Roxanna Green said, "She was very active in the community, and she was going to visit Gabrielle Giffords because she wanted to learn more about how she could help the community -- even at such a young age. What she could do. What she could learn. It was going to be a learning experience for her."

But Christina's young life was cut tragically short -- with one bullet.

"You don't think this happens to you as a parent. I mean, it's not gonna happen to you," John Green said. "There's no script on how to prepare or how to handle it when it happens to you."

In a bitter coincidence, Christina was born on September 11, 2001.

John Green said, "You know, I've said it before, but the bookends of her life -- she came into the world on a tragedy on 911, and she went out on this tragedy yesterday in Arizona. But everything in-between has been wonderful, and she's affected a lot of people."

"We're just gonna keep on remembering her forever," Roxanna Green said. "She was a special little girl."

Hill noted, "This has become a little political, on both sides, people pointing fingers. Talking about that. Is that hard for you to hear?"

Roxanna Green said, "I haven't listened to any of it, so I don't really know, but I can imagine."

"That just makes me even more angry," John Green said. "That's not what this is about. This is a random act of cowardice."

"A senseless act," Roxanna Green added.

John Green continued, "It shouldn't be used for that. People need to realize that you know, you don't settle your issues with guns. If you have issues handle it directly with the person."

Hill noted, "There's a man who's being held as a suspect in your daughter's death. Is there anything that you want to see happen in terms of justice for your own sake, for the person who killed your daughter?"

John Green said, "My wife is very forgiving in that regard. I'm a little about the Old West. It's a fairly clear-cut case, and I'm a fan of capital punishment in this regard."

Hill asked him, "Would you say anything to him if you had the opportunity?"

"No," he said. "I wouldn't care to even talk to the guy, because that would, that wouldn't change anything. My daughter's gone and she's not coming back. Again, that would be a waste of breath."

Hill asked, "Do you feel like Christina's smiling down on you right now. Looking over you?"

John Green chokced up and replied, "She is, she is."

Roxanna Green said, "She'll always be with us. She's always a little bright light in our little family, and she touched everyone that met her. And she always will, she'll always be with us. She was a very special, beautiful little girl."

Hill pointed out that Christina was brought to the event by a neighbor, Susan Hileman. Hileman's husband, William told CBS News that Hileman was shot three-to-four times in the leg, hip, abdomen and chest. All of the bullets, Hill said, exited and she is expected to recover. She is stable, but has a long recovery ahead. Her husband told CBS News the most difficult part of her recovery is going to be the challenge of learning to live with Christina's death.

Hill added, "(Christina) was an incredible force and will, of course, be missed."

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