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Dad Finds Kids, With TV's Help

An overjoyed father from Oklahoma has been reunited with his young son and daughter, who vanished more than two years ago. They were finally found with a little help from the CBS show, "Without a Trace," and some viewers who decided to get involved.

The father, Nick Candela, says: "Without CBS, and without the courage of the people... It just takes one person... Without their courage, you know, it wouldn't have happened."

Call it a "Without a Trace" miracle.

Says the show's star, actor Anthony LaPaglia, "I always used to say if they find one kid, it would be worth, you know, the ordeal of making TV."

There was an emotional family reunion in New York, as Candella was reunited with his two children.

"The Insider" spoke exclusively with the father and his kids on Tuesday. That show's host, Pat O'Brien, filled in viewers of The Early Show Wednesday.

"I knew," Candela said to "The Insider, "when it was the FBI at 7 o'clock in the morning, that they had found the kids."

Little Nicholas Candella's picture was broadcast at the end of "Without a Trace" last Thursday, O'Brien explains.

An anonymous tip phoned into the FBI led to 8-year-old Nicholas and his 7-year-old sister, Gio'annah, being found.

Nicholas Jr. and Gio'annah had allegedly been kidnapped by their mother, Marcia Rose Candela, after she lost custody of the children in a court battle with her husband in Oklahoma in 2003.

Officials say Marcia Rose had been hiding out with her kids in an apartment in Tuckahoe, N.Y., a Westchester town just north of Manhattan.

Marcia Rose was taken into custody and charged with unlawful flight related to parental kidnapping.

WCBS-TV in New York confronted Marcia Rose after her release.

"Are you Marcia?" a reporter asked.

"Unless you want to help me and my kids, I don't want it," replied Marcia Rose.

For Nick Sr., it had been a wrenching struggle to find his children, O'Brien says.

"It got really hard, to the point where it feels... Where you just feel like there is just no hope," the father told "The Insider."

Marcia Rose faces state child stealing charges.