Cybill Shepherd: Women get better with age

Cybill Shepherd on "CBS This Morning."
Cybill Shepherd on "CBS This Morning."

(CBS News) Cybill Shepherd, known for starring roles in movies like "Taxi Driver" and "The Last Picture Show," is going strong in show business 40 years later. The actress is currently playing a feisty church-going Texas grandma on the Lifetime series "The Client List" opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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Shepherd, unlike many stars, is embracing her age. When asked how old she is on "CBS This Morning," she said without a pause, "I am 62. I've been telling the truth so long, it's too late to lie."

Co-host Gayle King remarked, "I love it that you don't have any hang-ups about your age."

"It's not fun getting older, let's face it," Shepherd replied. "But I think the most important thing, especially for women, is to love ourselves especially as we age and to accept that there's more than the external shape, weight and stuff, and it's more (about) a spiritual journey and what we can give back."

In an age of Botox and age-fighting techniques, Shepherd said women should have choices, but not get "desperate" to turn back time. She said, "You don't want to necessarily fight growing older. ... Because the reality is, we get so much better as we get older as women. We grow so much. And you know, men do, too. She added, "... And sometimes a younger man is a nice thing. A powerful younger man, I'm all for it."

For more with Shepherd on "CBS This Morning," including what she thinks of her co-star Hewitt, watch the video in the player above.