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More than 15 million children currently go online - more than 10 million of then in America. Are they safe? For that matter, are adults safe when they go online? Maybe not. 48 Hours takes a look at cyberstalking and other online dangers.

Tracking Cyber-Predators: Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports on Operation Blue Ridge Thunder, a team of investigators in rural Virginia trying to crack down on pedophiles who comb the Web to find victims.

Online Safety Tips
Find out how to stay out of danger when you or your kids go online. Read these safety tips for kids and parents.
Catching A 'Traveler': Van Sant continues his report: After months of work, Operation Blue Ridge Thunder moves to arrest one alleged pedophile. Will it succeed?

Love's Tangled Web: Bill Lagattuta explores a new way to check on people you meet online. One woman relied on the service, with some unexpected results.

An Online Tragedy: Susan Spencer reports on one man who took his obsession into cyberspace, with deadly results.

Cyberporn Facts At A Glance: Find out more about how pornography - and especially child pornography - has migrated to the Internet.

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