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Cuba to Free 5 More Political Prisoners

Cuban Catholic Church officials announced today that "as part of the process of prisoner release," five more political prisoners will be released into exile under a landmark agreement with President Raul Castro's government, reports CBS News producer Portia Siegelbaum.

The men to be freed are among 75 dissidents who were arrested in a broad 2003 crackdown on dissent and sentenced to lengthy prison terms on treason and other charges during Fidel Castro's rule.

The release of Normando Hernandez Gonzalez, Julio C. Galvez Rodríguez, Omar R. Ruiz Hernandez, Mijail Barzaga Lugo and Ricardo Gonzalez Alfonso will bring to 11 to number of released since the Government began its dialogue with Cardinal Jaime Ortega, and a visit by Spanish Foreign Minister Moratinos.

About 52 of the original 75 remain in jail, but the government agreed last week to free all of them over the next several months.

A church official told The Associated Press on Saturday that it's not clear exactly when any of the men will actually be.

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