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CU Coach: What Did He Say?

A woman who accused a University of Colorado football player of raping her in 2001 said Thursday she did not pursue charges because she was intimidated by coach Gary Barnett.

In an affidavit sent to a Board of Regents panel investigating the recruiting scandal at the Boulder school, the woman said Barnett told her a few days after the alleged attack that if the player's story differed from hers, he would support the athlete.

"He told me that he was the players' coach, not his father, and he would not punish him," the woman said.

Her statement contradicts Barnett's remarks to the panel last week. During several hours of questioning, the coach said he told the woman he wanted to be fair to both parties and that he would support her if she pursued charges.

Barnett, who is on paid leave in part for comments he made in the case, also said the woman told him she did not want the player punished or kicked off the team.

The woman said that wasn't true. And she said Barnett told her "if I did press charges my life would change."

Speaking through his attorney Thursday, Barnett denied telling the woman that pressing charges would change her life. Barnett reiterated that he remembers the woman saying she did not want the player punished or kicked off the team.

Barnett's recollection of the meeting did not change after he read the woman's affidavit, said his attorney, John R. Rodman.

The woman, a former employee of the athletic department, was identified only as Jane Doe.

University spokeswoman Michele Ames declined to comment on the affidavit, referring reporters to Barnett. She said university officials are pleased the panel, which was appointed to determine if sex and alcohol are used to recruit football players, is getting information that will help it reach a conclusion.

The woman is one of at least eight since 1997 who have accused Colorado football athletes of rape. No charges have been filed, but the attorney general is heading an investigation and the university is pursuing an internal investigation.

By Jon Sarche