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"CSI" Creator's Pens First Digi-novel

Leave it to Anthony Zuiker to want to revolutionize the book industry.

The creator and executive producer of "CSI," a show that's spawned a $6 billion industry with episodes airing in 200 countries, has just written what's being called the world's first "digi-novel."

It's part book, part movie, and part Web site.

It's called "Level 26: Dark Origins" and it's out in stores today.

"There are 25 levels of serial killer in the world," Zuiker told Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith. "Level one can be your next door neighbor; level 25, Charles Manson. We did level 26, which unlocks a new level of fear. Our main character is Squeegel. He our main villain. He wears a forensic-proof body suit so you can't catch him."

Every 20 pages, readers are guided to go online to watch an video that Zuiker directed.

According to Zuiker, "what happens is you read 20 pages, you log in at, enter a code, and it unlocks what's called a cyber bridge which is a three-minute scene, which bridges you from one chapter to another, so it continues the story. We have 20 of those per book. So it's like getting a movie inside the book."

Click, here to read an excerpt of "Level 26: Dark Origins".

To hear more about the making of "Level 26: Dark Origins," click the Play button below:

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