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Cruise Gets Emotional Discussing Travoltas

On the day the Travolta family held a memorial service on their Florida estate for Jett Travolta, who died suddenly last weekend at the age of 16, Tom Cruise taped an appearance on "The View" in which he was gripped with emotion when talking about the tragedy.

"It's horrific. I mean, look: It's just horrific," Cruise said, his voice choking up. "I mean, here's a man (John Travolta) who is -- both of them (John and wife Kelly Preston) doting parents, just wonderful people and they... It's, you know, I just... " His voice trailed off, as he shook his head.

Cruise, who like the Travoltas is a member of the Church of Scientology, also defended the church from critics who've suggested the Travoltas stopped Jett's seizure medication because their religion didn't allow it.