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"Cruel Intentions" reunion: Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar have epic girls night

The original "Cruel Intentions" starlets reunited Thursday for a trip down treachery lane to watch the "Unauthorized Musical Parody Of Cruel Intentions"at the Rockwell: Table & Stage in Los Angeles.

Reese Witherspoon, now 39, Selma Blair, 42 and Sarah Michelle Gellar, 38, were singing, selfie-ing and reliving the drama of their 1999 teen melodrama, chronicling the memories all night on their Instagram profiles.

#cruelintentionsthemusical @reesewitherspoon @sarahmgellar together again.

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The takeoff musical, directed by Lindsey Rosin, sets the high school drama to iconic '90s songs like TLC's "No Scrubs," Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn," and Ace of Base's "I Saw the Sign," all of which had Witherspoon, Blair and Gellar mouthing lines, dancing in their seats, embracing each other and high-fiving.

In the pivotal scene where Sebastian (originally played by Ryan Phillippe, Witherspoon's ex-husband), devastates Witherspoon's character Kathryn by telling her he never truly loved her and just wanted to find out what she "was like in bed" the three ladies shook their heads gravely.

Nevertheless, for Witherspoon at least, it was "best girl's night of the year!!!" according to one of her Instagram posts. One audience member told E! News, "You could tell the girls had a great time and were loving every minute!"

Blair and Gellar were so transported that they recreated their famous kiss.

After the play the Oscar-winning actress and her two former co-stars went backstage to meet the new cast and to take photos with their alter-egos that they posted on Instagram.

Roger Kumble, who directed "Cruel Intentions," told E! the musical parody gave him "a sense of nostalgia," to which Blair agreed. "Some of the best moments of my life were filming this movie," she said.