Crocodile that bit 2 swimmers in Florida dies during capture

This image released by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shows the crocodile named Pancho, suspected of biting two swimmers in a Coral Gables, Fla., canal. Pancho died Friday, Aug. 29, while fighting capture by two trappers, wildlife officials said.


CORAL GABLES, Fla. - An American crocodile that bit two swimmers in a South Florida canal has died.

Wildlife officials say the croc named Pancho died Friday morning while fighting capture by two trappers.

Florida Fish and Wildlife spokesman Jorge Pino told the Miami Herald the 12-foot, 300-pound crocodile died on shore after being restrained. Pino says the carcass was taken to a state facility for evaluation.

The hunt for Pancho attracted a half-dozen trappers.

The crocodile bit two swimmers who jumped into the canal that runs through the Gables by the Sea community early Sunday.

Neighbors had mixed feelings about the hunt for Pancho. Some had admiration for the croc, especially because he had been relocated twice and found his way back. Others were scared of him.