Critics: Daniel Day-Lewis "surest" win at the Oscars

A.O. Scott from the "New York Times" and Michael Phillips from the "Chicago Tribune" share their Oscar predictions.

(CBS News) The votes have been counted, the dresses have been chosen, and all that's left of award season is Sunday night's presentation. The 85th annual Academy Awards will be handed out to the movie industry's best and brightest at Hollywood's Dolby Theater.

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Originally it looked like Stephen Spielberg's "Lincoln" would be taking home the big award on Oscar night, but film critics A. O. Scott from The New York Times and Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune say not to be so sure. Both critics were on hand to predict who goes home with Oscar gold and who will have to pretend to be happy for the winner.

"'Lincoln' got the most nominations, but I think 'Lincoln''s mojo got lost, and I think it had something to do with Ben Affleck having been snubbed with 'Argo,'" Phillips said.

However, on the flipside, both critics agree that the "surest" win of the night is that the award for Best Actor will go to Daniel Day-Lewis for his role as Abraham Lincoln.

"If Daniel Day-Lewis and Meryl Streep ever make a movie together, the world will simply implode from the quality," joked Philips.

Predicting the winners with data and critics

While both critics are mixed on what Seth MacFarlane's performance as host will be, they agree that it is supposed to appeal to the younger generation.

Scott was a little more worried, saying "I've never been able to sit through a complete episode of 'The Family Guy' when the kids have it on. I flee the room." However, Philips was more positive and anticipated a lot of song parodies, similar to when Billy Crystal hosted the ceremony.

For A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips's full report, watch the video in the player above.