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Get to know "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders"

Fans of 'Criminal Minds' may see new settings in "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders"
Previewing "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders'" 02:01

"Criminal Minds" is going international with the premiere of its new spin-off, "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders," debuting Wednesday.

The procedural drama follows an international FBI response team as they criss-cross the globe to rescue Americans on foreign soil. The eclectic cast is led by "Forrest Gump" and "Apollo 13" star Gary Sinise, who returns to TV three years after closing out his run on "CSI: New York."

Sinise told CBS News he's very excited for this new chapter and promised that viewers will get to see all sides of his character, Unit Chief of the FBI's International Unit, Jack Garrett.

"[On television,] you have a lot of people that have had long-term relationships, raised families, and are dealing with that at the same time that they have to get on an airplane and deal with pretty evil, bad guys," he explained. "We're going to explore that side of it with Jack Garrett. He's a family man, has a lot of kids and a long-term relationship with his high school sweetheart, and we're going to investigate all of that."

Executive producer Erica Messer said she always imagined Sinise as the lead in "Beyond Borders."

"He's the only person I had in mind," she explained. "He's Gary Sinise, an all-American hero."

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