Crimesider Super Bowl Office Pool: We're Betting It's Legal!

NEW YORK (CBS) Despite any appearances to the contrary, the Crimesider staff likes to have fun just like the staff of any other true-crime website.

So we'll be watching Super Bowl XLIV along with about 100 million other Americans on Sunday.

New Orleans Saints v. Indianapolis Colts.

So who are we picking in our -- wink, wink -- no money will ever change hands office pool?

Neil: Picking Saints, rooting for Colts

Eddie: Colts, I guess...

Kealan: guessing Saints... doesn't really care

Carlin: Colts... "Peyton Manning is an amazing clutch player."

Ryan: Saints... (but as an Indiana U. grad knows he's a traitor.)

Barry: If horseshoes on helmets count for anything the Colts will win. Saints only win if there is a God.

Now depending on who you ask, 10 billion dollars could be bet on the Super Bowl, only about one billion of it legally. Rest assured, we're playing for slightly smaller stakes.

And here's Crimesider's best bet: at least one player from the two teams will be charged with a felony in the next year -- although we're not naming names.