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"Crime-Fighting King": Elvis look-alike cracks down on crime in Clintonville, Ohio

(CBS) COLUMBUS, Ohio - Billy Cash, a former bounty hunter and Elvis look-alike, has made it his priority to keep the streets of Clintonville, Ohio free of crime, CBS affiliate WBNS reports.

Cash reportedly makes a practice of patrolling alleys, roads and paths in and around Clintonville. He says he's very protective of his territory.

"I just don't like trouble makers," Cash told the station.

Cash particularly doesn't like people who steal or vandalize property with graffiti, the station reports.

"They ask me, 'Who are you?'," Cash says of the alleged criminals. "...and I go, 'I'm your worst nightmare, get out of the car.'"

Cash, otherwise known as the "Crime-Fighting King," credits himself with combating drug activity and prostitution in the area by notifying police throughout the years.

He reportedly plans to continue to patrol the town and in his off time, he'll be doing karaoke.

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