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Creative & Creepy Candy

Halloween is all about sweet treats so Dylan Lauren, the owner of Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City, offers some yummy activities for your little trick-or-treaters.

She brought everything you need for Halloween to The Early Show. She tells co-anchor Hannah Storm that the hottest candies this year are glow-in-the-dark PEZ, Peeps with chocolate inside, and gross out candies inspired by Harry Potter. There are also cockroach clusters, as well as ear wax and vomit candy. Of course there are pig brains, hog snout and lots of worms.

But the best seller is still candy corn. Here is a list of celebrities' favorite candies:

Michael J. Fox — Circus Peanuts
Cindy Crawford — Goetze's Caramels
Nick Carter — Sour Gummy Cola Bottles
Joely Fisher — Gummy Sharks
Kelly Ripa — Green Swedish Fish
Alan Alda — Black Licorice Bites
Katie Couric — Gummy Bears
Robin Williams — Bazooka Gum
Cynthia Nixon — Red Hots
Al Roker — Smarties
Sean Astin — Wonka Heart Breakers
John Rzeznik — PEZ
Jimmy Kimmel — Blow Pops
Craig David — Chocolate Covered Oreos
Kelly Osbourne — Cadbury Milk Chocolate
Jimmy Fallon — Clark Bars
Mary Kate Olsen — Tootsie Rolls
Vincent Pastore — Hershey's Kisses
Nick Lachey — Kit Kat
Jessica Simpson — M&Ms
Bill Clinton — Payday
Aisha Tyler — Abba-Zaba
Jerry Seinfeld — Bit o' Honey
Susan Lucci — Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
Tom Hanks — Boston Baked Beans
Wayne Brady — Peanut M&Ms
Mary J. Blige — Skittles
Jennifer Love Hewitt — Peachie O's
Steven Speilberg — Mike and Ike
Mya — Jolly Ranchers
David Hasselhoff — Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
Serena Williams — Laffy Taffy
Elizabeth Berkley — Starburst

And, though unlikely, if you have some leftover candy this Halloween, here are Lauren's suggestions of what to do with it:

Halloween candy frames

  • Pick favorite candy
  • Get blank frame
  • Use goop glue
  • Glue on favorite channel
  • Let dry
  • Perfect to record your favorite Halloween memory

Candy bowls
  • Wrappers from your favorite candies
  • Liquid nail glue
  • Candy box
  • Dish, bowl etc.

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