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Creating Your Life Story... Digitally

Everyone's life is a story, but have you ever tried to put it down on paper? Where do you start?

"The difficult thing about telling a life story is handing someone a blank tablet and saying go ahead and write. What we've done is make that process very easy by creating fifty thousand prompts, if you will, across 235 different areas, subject areas, in one's life."
Jeff Pietrzyk, COO of, the company behind a CD ROM called My Life. You heard right. There are fifty thousand questions and suggestions to get you going. Your childhood, your teen years, relationships, family…all of those experiences.

"Some of them are light, some of them are deep, some of them are clear questions that will cause you to ask others in your life about their opinions and we think a balance needed to exist. This could be a very heavy, heady program if we let it. And we didn't."
Add pictures, narration…even video clips if you have the right equipment….and then save your life story on the Web, on CD or keep it private it on your PC. The price, under forty dollars. Who knew My Life would be so cheap? You can find our stories at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.

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