Creating "South Park": Laughs on a deadline

"South Park" creators Matt Stone & Trey Parker show "60 Minutes" how they create and complete an episode in just six days -- racing against the clock every week

"South Park": Laughs on a deadline

"Rude, crude, and blasphemous" is how "60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft describes the Broadway hit musical "The Book of Mormon." This week on "60 Minutes," Kroft profiles the creators of the Tony Award-winning musical, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Parker and Stone are both famous and infamous for their animated cable TV series "South Park," which could best be described as, well, rude, crude and blasphemous.

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View Steve Kroft's full "60 Minutes" report here.

As you'll see in Steve Kroft's report, produced by Graham Messick, Parker and Stone have developed a unique chemistry over 20 years of collaboration. They can complete each other's sentences, and can speak in such shorthand that it often sounds like code.

On "60 Minutes Overtime," we dig into that partnership a bit more, showing how Parker and Stone accomplish the feat of creating a new South Park episode every six days.

The show airs on Wednesday, which means that on Thursday morning, the team starts with a clean slate, and through the sheer power of brainstorming and bathroom humor, they are ready for air less than a week later.

Parker and Stone tell Kroft that they make changes right up to the final moment in order to make it better, a work habit that Kroft says he can identify with. "We work exactly the same way" at "60 Minutes," Kroft tells them.