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Creating Halloween Magic

Are you having a tough time coming up with a costume for your child this Halloween? Wendy Israel, managing editor of Family Life magazine, shared some ideas for costumes you can make at home for little expense on The Saturday Early Show.

This year you don't have to buy expensive shiny costumes. Just a few things in your home or at your local store can make a safe and clever outfit. Here are three ideas for trick-or-treaters this Halloween, with the supplies needed and instructions how to assemble them.

Spook-tacular Spider

  • Three sets of black tights
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Polyester batting
  • A long-sleeved leotard
  • Black embroidery thread
Dress the child in the leotard and one pair of tights. To make the spider legs, stuff two pairs of the tights with the batting and close them off with the pipe cleaners. String the legs together with the thread and attach them to each arm of the child.


Giggling Grapes
  • Eight feet of thick string
  • Fifteen purple balloons
  • A purple turtleneck or sweatshirt
  • Purple pants or leggings
  • Some safety pins
  • Two 1-foot squares of green felt
Tie the string to two chairs by stretching the length of string. Inflate the balloons (not to capacity) and tie the knots to close them around the string. Continue this until you create a line of balloons along the length of string and tie safety pins to each end of the string.

Dress the child in the shirt and pants. Fasten the string to the underarm area and wrap the string of balloons around the child. Attach a safety pin on the other end to the clothes. Adjust the balloons by sliding them along string. Attach the felt leaves to the child's hair.

Wizard Boy Harry Potter
  • A Band-Aid
  • Black-rimmed glasses with the lenses removed
  • Blue jeans, a striped shirt and running shoes
  • Red lip pencil
  • Hair mousse
  • A red cape
  • A stick wooden broom

Dress the child and wrap the cape around the shoulders. Then wrap the Band-Aid around the bridge of the glasses and draw a lightning bolt scar on the forehead with lip pencil.

Things to Rememer: These costumes are for school-age children. Toddlers' costumes should be free of small parts that can become loose and pose a choking hazard.

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