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Creating A Gym At Home

It's time to get or stay in shape for summer, but you may not want to do it in front of a bunch of strangers or face other things you find unappealing about health clubs.

So, why not create a workout space at home?

On The Early Show Wednesday, Colin Cowie shared ideas on putting together a pleasant, effective home gym that provides a total body workout including cardio, strength and flexibility.

And if you think it would be too expensive, think again. For the same amount or less than a health club membership, Cowie points out, you can create a gym in your home.

Benefits include no wasted travel time to and from a fitness club, no waiting online to use the equipment, and working out on your own schedule, rather than just during health club hours.

Editor's note: The following product descriptions were prepared with information provided by the manufacturers.

Step 1: Select a space in your home to convert into a home gym — either the basement, den, attic or even the garage. Make sure it's a breezy, cool space with air conditioning or fans.

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Step 2: Create a hospitality area that includes a small refrigerator to store cold bottled water, energy bars, and chilled towels. Dry towels should also be kept nearby. To help pass the time while exercising, keep reading material such as magazines and newspapers on hand. And, to motivate you, listen to your favorite tunes. Create a play list on your iPod or MP3 player specifically for your workout.

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Step 3: Consider a TV for your home gym. What better way to pass the time exercising than watching your favorite programs? Add a DVD player and watch movies or, better yet, work out to the latest fitness DVDs.

Step 4: Select the exercise equipment to stay ahead of the curves. Whether it's a fitness system for muscle building or an elliptical trainer, the right workout can help change your body, mind and spirit.

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Other tips:

You may want to enlist the help of a fitness trainer for guidance to make sure you're getting the most out of your new equipment, and to provide you with new routines and options.

Also, always check with your doctor before starting a fitness program.