Create music from muscles with the new interactive ad for Old Spice (featuring Terry Crews)

(CBS News) It's been some time since we had a fun interactive video experience for you here at The Feed. The last one that comes to mind was the very funny and extremely bizarre Skittles commercial back in 2011 (that still has this blogger shuddering at the thought of a man dressed as a cat licking my finger). So let's find something to replace that cringe-worthy memory in the form of the video above. Watch the clip first and then the interactive portion will kick in right after.

The Vimeo viral video ad for Old Spice (whom we've posted about many times in the past for their creative and amusing series of commercials) was posted by and features Terry Crews who writes:

Watch me jam solo, then use the special interactive player to record your own remix. Go ahead, show me what you got!

So did you all have some fun making a music video of your own using Terry Crews' muscles and more? If you've got a good one, feel free to share it with us in the comments section below. And to check out more videos from Terry Crews, you can visit his Vimeo page by clicking here.

UPDATE: Commenter "aaronisles" has taken us up on our challenge and posted an interesting dubstep remix version of the video you can check out by clicking here.