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Crazy Japanese cannon cooks food in 3 seconds, this week on The Feed!

Crazy Japanese cannon cooks food in 3 seconds... 02:54

This week's most popular viral videos include a baby monkey getting a toothbrush massage, some nontraditional mustache removal methods, a giant panda playing in the snow, listening to the radio after getting dumped, redefining "fast food" and a mountain biker being chased by a suspicious bear.

First up, The Rare Species Conservatory Foundation posted this impossible-not-to-love video of a baby pygmy marmoset enjoying a toothbrush massage.

Youtube star Mehdi Sadaghdar, aka ElectroBoomGuy, chose to participate in Mo-vember -- the tradition of growing a mustache for the month of November to raise awareness about men's health issues. Now that it's December, he wants to get rid of it. So, he tries some traditional hair removal methods in some nontraditional ways.

It's snowing at the Toronto Zoo, and Da Mao, the giant panda, couldn't be happier. In this fantastic security camera footage, he entertains zoogoers by sliding down the hill in his outdoor exhibit, over and over again.

Listening to the radio after a breakup is not always the best idea. It can feel like every song being played, is being played just for you. Every word was written about you. And, for poor Olilord, even the DJs are get in on the action.

This video, created by a Japanese LTE provider NTT DoCoMo, is called "3 Second Cooking -- High Speed Prawns," and with good reason. With the push of a button and in the blink of an eye, two women add flour, egg and bread crumbs to prawns shot out of a cannon, and cook 'em up.

And, the poster of this video, mr.Gregor, claims that he was recording his bike ride through the forest when he was forced to run for his life from an attacking bear. However, the attacking bear looks awfully suspicious, and most every YouTube commenter is calling the video a fake. True or false, it's racked up over 5 million hits already, and isn't that the point, really?

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