"Crazed" homeless man starts rampage at "Occupy Wall Street" protest in Zuccotti Park

FILE - In this Oct. 24, 2011 file photo, people sleep in New York's Zuccotti Park, home to Occupy Wall Street protesters. With thousands of people roughing it in parks for up to six weeks related to the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, public health is a growing worry in the encampments. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)
AP Photo/Richard Drew
Zuccotti Park, home to Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York City
AP Photo/Richard Drew

(CBS) - A "crazed" homeless man who has been living among the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York City's Zuccotti Park went on a violent rampage Thursday, flailing, kicking tents, and yelling incoherently, according to a published report.

The New York Post reports that as he kicked tents filled with sleeping protesters, Jeremy Clinch shouted, "I've been here from day one! I haven't got a tent!"

He stumbled about in a deranged manner, the newspaper says, screaming, "I've been here for three months, and I haven't been able to sleep!"

What finally stopped  Clinch's rampage was protester Recai "Rocky" Iskender, 48, of New Jersey. After Clinch kicked his tent, Iskender came out, angrily hurled a plastic jug at him, and then knocked him to the ground with a punch to the face, the Post reports.

Iskender claims to be an ex-Turkish diplomat, and after the fight, he went on a tirade and told The Post that Clinch is "a Bloomberg agent, disturbing and disrupting the protest." He claimed that Bloomberg is in control of everything that happens in the park.

"This is Bloomberg," he said, pointing at cops. "[The] Bloomberg police machine. [The] police state finds those guys to infiltrate, to disrupt it. That's what Bloomberg wants."

Occupy Wall Street medical volunteer Eric Carter was the one to help Clinch up and lead him away. He told the newspaper fights like this are not uncommon.

Meanwhile, protester Chris Guerra said he's seen Clinch around the park before. "He's been here since the beginning," he said. "I think he's bipolar. Sometimes he's happy, other times he's angry. It was a crazy guy trying to wake everyone up. But he woke up the wrong bear this morning. He's not all there."

Other protesters describe him as "mentally ill" and "off his meds," according to The Post.