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Crash Survivors Speak Out

As investigators try to determine why a truck was on the train tracks, survivors of AmtrakÂ's second-worst train derailment ever are beginning to come to terms with the tragedy, reports CBS News Correspondent Cynthia Bowers.

When the Amtrak train City of New Orleans derailed, some teen-agers were coming home from a ski trip.

Two of those teen-agers, Christina Bomgaars and Melissa Watson, say they will never forget this experience.

Â"You canÂ't imagine it unless youÂ've been through it. You canÂ't imagine the complete fear in knowing that nobody on earth can do anything about it and that you are going to derail,Â" Bomgaars said.

Â"Seeing this huge thing on fire, itÂ's horrible knowing you could be watching somebody die in there,Â" Watson said.

Eleven people died in the crash. Scores more were injured.

Â"It makes you thankful for what you have,Â" Bomgaars said.

Bomgaars, a 15-year-old student from Jackson, Mississippi, was reunited with her parents via a CBS-TV satellite link Wednesday.

Â"We were thankful the first thing we learned of the crash is when [Christina] called us. ThatÂ's the best way to learn about something: You know sheÂ's all right to start with,Â" BomgaarsÂ' father said.

Â"It was amazing how everybody worked together and found the emergency exists and got out of there before another car started on fire,Â" Bomgaars added.