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Cranking It Up In N.H.

On Thursday night, presidential hopeful Bill Bradley was playing a game he knows well: basketball.

Bradley was playing with two girls' teams in Portsmouth. And he still had the old touch, CBS News correspondent Phil Jones reports.

And at a local brewery, Bradley passed up a drink, even after a strenuous day on the campaign trail.

As for the GOP hopefuls, with five days left before the primary, they were concerned with the state of their campaigns.
Salon.comThe Machine Rages On
GOP and Democratic presidential candidates fire their last salvos in New Hampshire.
A new CBS News poll shows the straight-talk express campaign of John McCain continues to roll on. The poll shows Mccain at 5 percentage points ahead of Texas Gov. George W. Bush. Steve Forbes is struggling to make it a three-man race. He is attacking the front-runners as the timid twins on tax cuts and abortion.

"They've been dancing around that issue, Forbes said Thursday. "I have taken a stand on the life issue."

This weekend, all the candidates will be focusing on the state's largest voting block: independents. Bill Bradley especially has to hope for a strong independent turnout.

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