"Dibs" chairs used to save parking spots in Chicago stolen

Chicago street after a recent snowfall, where someone claimed "dibs" on a parking space, or two, by placing a chair there
CBS Chicago
CHICAGO - Calling dibs on parking spots with lawn chairs and other items is a tradition unique to Chicago, but someone is putting a damper on the tradition this year by stealing the "dibs" chairs, reports K-HITS Chicago.

The thief reportedly took it one step further by posting an ad on Craigslist, which has since been removed, in an attempt to sell the 350 chairs they say they have collected.

“In driving around the Northside these past few days I’m seeing hundreds of chairs being abandoned on the streets. I’ve collected about 350 various chairs… I’m selling each chair for $5, regardless of condition or smell,” the post reportedly read.

Recent snows reportedly led to an uptick in the practice of digging out a spot on the street, and claiming "dibs" on it by placing a chair there.

The tradition of "planting chairs" stretches back decades, but has garnered many enemies over the years, including 35th ward Alderman Rey Colón, who spoke out against the practice in a recent newsletter.

While the city won’t ticket individuals for saving parking spots, Chicago Streets and Sanitation will throw away any items littering the streets during regular garbage pickups, reports the station.