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Craig Nathan Swagler was promoted to Vice President and General Manager of CBS News Radio in 2019. He had been named Vice President in 2017, andHe had served previously as Executive Producer of CBS News Radio Special Events since December 2005.

Swagler executive produced the coverage of "2009 Obama Inauguration," CBS News Radio special coverage of the events surrounding the inauguration of newly-elected President Barack Obama. The coverage encompassed the road to the White House, the lead up to and including Obama's swearing-in ceremony at the U.S. Capitol. Swagler also was the Executive Producer of CBS News Radio's coverage of the 2008 Democratic and Republican conventions. In March of 2008, Swagler was the overseas Pool producer for the President's trip to Ukraine, Romania and Croatia. In the summer of 2007 he produced the pool coverage on the President's trip to Germany for the G8 summit.

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In 2006 Swagler received an RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award for the continuing Coverage of Hurricane Katrina. He was on the ground in New Orleans with Correspondent Cami McCormick as the hurricane devastated the Gulf Coast. Swagler also covered President Bush's trip to Vienna and Budapest in June of 2006 and produced CBS News Radio coverage of the Michael Jackson trial in 2005. In 2004, Swagler was the U.S. Pool producer for President Bush's trip to Chile and Columbia for the APEC summit. Over the last six years he has executive produced CBS News Radio coverage of the Grammy awards and the Oscars in Los Angeles, CA.

Prior to CBS News Radio Special Events, he was the production coordinator and producer for CBS News Radio (2001-06), managing the remote operations and logistics for CBS Radio News. In 2004 he managed the CBS News Radio's coverage of the 2004 election. He was responsible for coordinating coverage of candidates, logistics and remote events for all CBS News Radio broadcasts, including the presidential election. In 2003 he received an American Women in Radio & Television Gracie award for the production of the "Giles & Moriarty" show. Swagler first came to CBS News Radio in August of 2001 as a Desk Assistant, where many young journalists start out.

In early 2001, Swagler served at NBC's Saturday Night Live as a production assistant, where he was part of the editing team for SNL. In 2000-2001, Swagler worked for ABC Sports' Monday Night Football as a production assistant traveling around the east coast and helping to set-up live remotes.

Swagler attended Mansfield University in Mansfield, Penn. with a major in Mass Communications/ Journalism. He currently lives in New York City.

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