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Americans begin transition into post-pandemic life as more are vaccinated

Nation takes steps toward normalcy as COVID cases fall
Nation takes steps toward normalcy as COVID cases fall 02:10

With more than 40% of the country fully vaccinated, and the seven-day average of new COVID-19 cases falling to about 12,000 per day — numbers not seen since March 2020 — Americans are revving up for post-pandemic life.

The Indianapolis 500 became the largest sporting event since the pandemic began, with 135,000 fans in the stands on Sunday.

But as America starts to return to normal, there are reminders the pandemic isn't over. Vietnam's health ministry says it has detected a new variant that appears to be a hybrid of the India and U.K. COVID-19 mutations.

"It's more infectious and divides more rapidly," said Dr. David Agus, CBS News medical contributor and a professor of medicine and engineering at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine. "I think all of the data points to it will be susceptible to the vaccines which is very very positive."

Meanwhile, across the nation, summer camps are preparing to reopen, and the CDC has issued new guidance.

Everyone can be mask-free in most cases outside, but those who haven't been vaccinated still need to mask up indoors.

Last summer, 5-year-old Brody Narod stayed home. But now, Brody's mother is ready to send him back to camp.

"He's super excited to be coming back to camp," Brody's mom, Kim, said. "I mean, he says, 'when is camp coming? When is coming?' I said, 'soon, soon, soon.'"

Mark Transport, co-owner of Crestwood Country Day Camp in New York, says nearly 1,000 campers have already signed up.

"You need to worry about the mental health of kids, the ability to get back to socializing, to feel like kids again, to feel free," Transport said of the reopenings.

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